Mirror Is Not An Oracle


While we are looking at the mirror, the mirror is looking at us.

What we see in the mirror is not only a reflection of our physical self but also the state of our mind. Often we are watching the mirror to find faults and with the hope of not having any. When our entire focus is to find flaws, how can we see our beauty?

A mirror is not an oracle that can predict what kind of person we are based on how we look! It is merely a reflection, not our entity. Mirrors are unbiased; they do not judge us. Unfortunately, we are the ones who are making these judgments.

Have you noticed when babies look in the mirror? They look at their reflection with curiosity and enthusiasm. Small children are charmed by their reflection. When they start growing up, their relationship with the mirror begins changing. The idea of beauty begins to change due to conditioning, but the mirror is still the same. All of a sudden, the charm of reflection is gone, and monotony sets in. Every child accepts itself entirely without condemnation. Those prejudices about the outer beauty in our mind are not natural. Gather the courage to come back to yourself.

Accept our light, and our reflection is the first step. Making mirror our accomplices is not a complicated process.  When we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror, here are the three things we should notice first –

  • Eyes –  eyes should be full of joy and passion.
  • Breathing – feeling the blessing in each breath we call it life.
  • Smile – smile, and the day will brighten up. Everyone deserves to smile.

The way we look in the mirror can change the way we live our lives. When we are standing in front of a mirror, look at ourselves with the eye of a lover.  Accept ourselves and embrace our reflection. The world and our realities are like mirrors and reflect our thoughts. It is all about how we face the mirror; and life.

Love and Sunshine.

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