Manifesting Faith Can Make A Real Difference


The sales of anti-depressants are skyrocketing these days. Despite having more comforts than our ancestors used to have, we are still struggling to find happiness in our lives. Accumulation of wealth is not filling our voids but putting more holes of confusion in our minds. Many businesses are based on human doubts and fears e.g., insurance companies, retirement plans, anti-stress drugs, cosmetic procedures, body modifications, diet pills, street drugs, pyramid business schemes, quick money gimmicks, and the list goes on. People are selling things by convincing us that there is something wrong with our life. Honestly, the stuff we are buying is not going to fix it either because the core problem is that we do not trust ourselves.

The source of our trust is in our hearts. We can only trust others if we have faith in ourselves. Many of us doubt the idea of love and purpose simply because of a lacking belief. Life cannot be lived with doubts; it has to be experienced completely.

We have to choose between doubts or life.

Let’s ask ourselves; Why do we find it so difficult to trust?

  • Is it because of past failure?

We all have them. Failures are like riddles, we solve them, and we move on.

  • Is it because of the failures of others?

Every individual has its way of dealing with life. We can certainly learn from them and try to do better. This is how scientists and inventors go on inventing new things; they learn from failures – some of their own and many of others.

  • Is it because of the surroundings?

Take it as a challenge, and we need to learn how to keep being ourselves despite our surroundings. Keep creating our own sunshine.

Letting go of fears and making room for faith in our mind

We need to believe that we all have a purpose in life. Our creation was not merely an accident. Out of all the possibilities that the Universe could have created, it has chosen to create us. By devoting some time every day, we can build the strength of faith.

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