No Hiding Behind Distractions


You can always find a distraction if you’re looking for one. ~ Tom Kite

We all know that time is precious, yet it is easy to be distracted, whether it is by phone, social media, news, online shopping, gossip, and so on. Our productivity is becoming a victim of our distractions. These distractions are not only stealing our valuable time but also steering the direction of our life. We are using distractions to hide from complicated situations and emotions.

Instead of facing the challenging emotions and devoting ourselves to the present moment, our day is wasted away by gathering useless information and materials. Hiding from the difficulties and distracting ourselves to escape is like deceiving oneself. Life is about facing it honestly, embracing the changes, and enjoying the continuity of it.

Sometimes, life can get stressful, and we need a little break from it. And there is nothing wrong with spending some time away from your chores, as long as it is a mindful choice. A conscious choice is when one has a real intention behind it. In the bigger picture of life, we are answerable to ourselves for all the decisions.

Love and Sunshine.