Steadiness is a Deception of our Eyes

Steadiness, AllamaIqbal, poetry

Steadiness is a deception of our eyes,

Every particle in this universe pulsates with a revolution.

A caravan of existence does not rest; every moment, life renews itself.

You might think life is a mystery, whereas life is merely a flight of desires.

**Steadiness is a deception of Eyes- An English translation of Allama Iqbal’s verses. The original verses in Urdu as below:

Fareb-e-nazar hai sakoon-o-sabaat

Tarapta hai har zarra-e-qayanaat

Thehrata Nahin Karvaan-E-Wajood

Ke Har Lehza Hai Taaza Shaan-E-Wajood

Samjhta Hai Tu Raaz Hai Zindagi

Faqat Zauq-E-Parwaaz Hai Zindagi

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