There is much more to life than being “on top of things”

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Do you feel that you are running in circles to make things happen in your life? Do you feel that you don’t have enough time and energy to do all those things on your list? If an answer is yes, this post is all about you.

Our mind is trained in a way that we are scared of ‘Time.’ A watch on our wrist has become the creepiest thing in our life. Even on the weekends, we feel anxious about upcoming weekdays and work. The concept of ‘being present in the moment’ is only seen in the quotes about life, here and there. What is making us so anxious and controlled? We have taken ‘being on top of things’ concept way too seriously that it is taking over our lives.  We have become someone who wants to control everything, and everything should happen according to our plans. Anything unexpected is not welcomed warmly. We have to schedule meetings even with our loved ones because the concept of ‘dropping by’ is dead.

There is much more to life than just being “on top of things.”

To control the energy, one has to stay cold and frozen and mummified their awareness. And there is no place to let the energy flow freely while taking life as it is. If you are trying to control or plan everything in your life, it will make you anxious. That is why you see people around you, equivalent to human robots with limited awareness. They are content with their routine and the things they want and have. Because life does not exist beyond the limit of their mental barriers, and if you try to take them out of their comfort zone, it will feel like a punishment to them.

Remember that the idea of micro-managing everything in your life takes away the organic feel and touch of our essences. You will hear this question many times a day, “How are you?” And without any deep thinking, you will spur ‘good.’ Neither you meant it, nor the person who was asking the question was interested in knowing your real condition. Sad! Our day-to-day conversations demand us to share plans about our life.

Controlled persons are always anxious and frozen. They do not see or feel things because they do not allow themselves to do so. They do not let their mind to take a break from the chaos. Controlled persons are so deprived that they cannot afford to spend some time on themselves. The idea of “let go” appears as letting go of reins of running ‘horse of time.’ Understand this; it is ok to get off from the galloping horse of the clock. It is ok to sit and relax.

In Sanskrit “Prana” means life energy.

Prana enters into our body through our breath and circulates in our body. The concept of prana is simple; it is the energy of life flowing freely in our body. Imagine trying to control your breaths all the time. We cannot control it because prana flows freely within us. Try this today; unlock those clenched fists, let the energy flow. Stop staring at that watch with every passing hour.

Remember, there is much more to life than just being “on top of things” Live every moment and stop calculating every second versus task. I hope you can make the most out of your today without feeling anxious.

Love and Sunshine.

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