Daring to Speak Our Mind


We cannot even speak to our God in public; we need a private space, ensuring that no one else is listening.

Not sure why expressing emotions is becoming a taboo and being rigid is normal. However, we all have turmoil hidden under our controlled surfaces. We need to understand this; being able to ‘express oneself’ can be the solution to self-diagnosed depression and anxiety cases. How do we open ourselves to express our views? By carrying meaningful conversations in our rendezvous.

Instead of gossiping about someone, talking about our life. When someone asks, “how are you” dare to tell them the truth. As a listener, one should offer sincerity and respect in listening by keeping in mind that we all get our share of sorrows and happiness. If someone is going through a difficult time, do not make their misery a fuel for gossips. Never look down on the person who baring their soul in front of you. Without a doubt, it takes tremendous courage to bare our soul. Keep a room for self-expression in life by keeping friendships without corruption.

Live a life full of self-expression, not borrowed words.

Love and Sunshine.

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