A Little Wisdom; A Little Foolishness

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We all have left the past behind us, some glorious moments, and some shadows of them. Once in a while, we sit back and hit the play button in our mind to visit those old places. Life is made up of many losses, and experiences gained. Day by day, when we grow older, this void becomes deeper; sometimes, I ask myself how far back I can remember from my life. We all live many lives within one life; we are the same old moon in the sky but with a different face every night.

When I was in school, I had a journal that had a line on the back, “Three things never come back in life – Childhood, Youth, and Parents.” Well, at that point, since I was a child, I had a reservoir of them all, so I did not understand the depth of that quote, which is true. Moments are not reversible; there are no phenomena like that. Maybe that is why we miss our childhood the most because when as a child, days and nights appear more extended, the sun and the moon appear bigger, our small world feels vast and our a few years old life is a lifetime for us. Then we start to pretend wiser and astute; then we learn the exact dimensions of sun and moon, accurate calculations of day and night, and an average median of human life. Now, will you call it an achievement or a tragedy?

Pretended cleverness is a disease; knowing it all is the end of curiosities.

Now we have many places we need to be, but there is nowhere to reach. There are many people we need to see but no one to meet. And there are many contacts on our phone but no one to talk to. There are many masks in our closet, but no face to please. Pause for the moment, notice the dreary monotony of life.  How come when we were a child, we had time for everything, including school, play, friends, homework, TV, and all the silly things we wanted to explore. Who is stealing our time now? Is it work, or is it lack of conviction, or is it an anxiety-ridden mind? If we want to live our childhood again, we need to break the glass of our old beliefs and shatter the prejudices. We can live our childhood every day if we allow ourselves to be curious, generous, and stress-free. A little wisdom and a little foolishness is a recipe to keep our inner child alive. Be present and look at this world with fresh eyes every day.

Love and Sunshine.

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