What Can Give Us A Real Sense of Completion


This article is a response to an enchanting email received from a reader on November 9th. In her email, she was kind with her words towards the blog Feeling Buddhaful. In the end, she asked me an intriguing question, “Where can I find a real sense of completion.”  I thought about this question for a few days, and after analyzing all the surface possibilities that can make us feel complete, my concluding answer is ‘nothing external.’

The missing piece of the self-completion puzzle is our faith.

Life is about understanding our potential and utilizing it to fulfill our being. For example, if one likes to paint, the act of painting will make them complete. The same goes for music, cooking, reading, singing, writing, and the list goes on. Realizing our purpose and working on it will give us a real sense of completion. Fulfilling Oneself leads to Feeling Alive; Feeling Alive leads to Fulfilling Oneself.