Let’s not Procrastinate Things for Tomorrow

feelingbuddhaful, now

Stop procrastinating things for tomorrow because tomorrow never comes. Stop waiting for something to happen for you and no more waiting for the right moment. Our life is not going to change if we keep giving ourselves a handful of excuses every day. A wise man once told me, sleep is like a death, and the next morning is a new life. Every day is a choice we make. Answering this question, “If not now, when?”

I’ve met many people in life who have a bucket list ready, but it falls under ‘one day.’ They would like to travel or pursue their dreams, but they keep waiting for that ‘one day.’ I am not sure how that particular ‘one day’ will appear and how we would know that ‘one day’ has arrived. Power is in the word “Now.”

Being alive is a real blessing. Every day is a bundle of opportunities. Being grateful for what we have, keeping our heads up, and doing what we always wanted to is life—simply creating something out of that pure positive energy sparking in our being. Just looking around us and noticing that life is full of opportunities. We can choose what we want to do when we wake up in the morning.  

Love and Sunshine.

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