Unseen Truth

There is some hidden truth that the human eye can’t see. There are some mysteries that can’t be solved. All we can do is offer our best guess according to our ability. We have seen how a moth tries to reach for the light of a candle. And we think that in the end when moth finally reaches close enough to the candle, he dies. Moth dies when it ultimately touches the light.

But who knows the real purpose of the moth when he started this journey…

Maybe it was leaving the body and merging into the light
or Maybe moth has finally achieved what he was traveling for
Maybe it was the only reason for his existence; to be part of the light and stay there forever

Death is all we can see with these eyes and assume that it is the only truth.
But there are many hidden truths about our existence.
There are many destinations beyond our imaginations.

Nobody knows after death; nobody knows what happens before birth. There are many hidden truths. Do not be scared of any truth. Be fearless; do not be afraid of death. Do not be scared of anything.  When hidden truth and unanswered questions knock at the door of your existence, open the door!

Love and Sunshine.