The Almost Forgotten Human Language is ‘Feeling’

Forgotten Feeling

We all have read this phrase “Think less. Feel more.” However, our lives are so busy these days that we forget to consider the core of all our learned languages, feelings. “Feeling” is becoming the almost forgotten language. We are caught up in the monotony of survival that there is no time to pause and feel the moment. With the new age of social media, thousands of words and quotes are thrown at us daily, but how many of these quotes stick. Words are losing their meanings because we are losing our feelings.

I recently went to a play rehearsal.  This play was based on the daily struggles of the working-class and their family structures. And, the director was encouraging the students to mimic the expressions by feeling the character and walking in their shoes. After seeing these artists struggling, I must say that he had a tough job in front of him. Artists require intense closeness to their emotions.

If we start to feel, we can feel connected with ourselves and the people around us. It is effortless to become emotionally shut down, and it is also easy to open up. When we are open to experience the happenings with our feelings instead of calculating in our mind, we feel connected with our divine energy. The closer we are to our being, the closer we are to the divine.

Energy has no form yet everything is born from it. Giving ourselves enough time to be in a moment. Since we have not lived this moment before, we will never live this moment again, why not just live and cherish it, entirely. We will feel start feeling alive. Even the old things will begin looking refresh with a little twist in perspective. Life is meant to be experienced.

Life is a blessing, it is about fulfilling ourselves and feeling alive.

Have a wonderful weekend! Try to remember the Almost Forgotten Human Language – ‘Feeling.’ Love and Sunshine.

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