Why Playfulness is Prohibited When We Grow Up? #justcurious

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What I have gotten so far that growing up means saying goodbye to your playfulness. Humans are the only species on earth who sacrifice playfulness in return of a name tag “Adult.” Imagine how much joy we get from the playfulness of mother nature – raindrops falling in the form of bubbles, swinging trees on a windy day, the sun peeking behind from clouds, waves rising and falling in a rhythm, everything around us is so playful and hence joyful. Some people are scared of their playfulness. They are afraid to look stupid in front of others. But remember what Forrest Gump said, “Stupid is as stupid does.”

Our obsession with being in control of our mind makes us so stiff all the time; that is why our egos are growing, and our sense of humor is shrinking. Let’s allow ourselves to let loose, dance freely sings loudly, and be happy just like a child. Even at work, along with responsibilities, we can still keep our joyful, authentic personality.

Let’s not let our inner spirit die in the process of making money.

We are born as a human, not a robot. I am always happy to see people who are joyful and having a real conversation at their workplace. Music can bring out our inner child.

Love and Sunshine.

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