Sometimes Ordinary is the Extraordinary


The daily struggle of life is to make it large, make it happen, make it cool, and somehow to make it extraordinary, which takes the pleasure away from the simple ordinary things. Have you ever thought that sometimes everyday is extraordinary? I have seen my mom and grandmother just like any other homemakers simply enjoying the act of cooking food, cleaning and decorating the house, watering the plants, and doing routine chores. There was always a question in my mind, are these women content with their life, or are they simply living in the moment?! The answer is both. They are simply living in the moment, and that is why they are content with their lives. What a beautiful way of living! Very few people have mastered the art of enjoying simple moments.

We can live an extraordinary life in ordinary life.

It is sporadic when we become one in a moment—the moment when we forget about our worries, chaos, and thoughts. Usually, when this happens, we are engaged in an uncomplicated activity such as watching a sunset or listening to music.  These ordinary moments become extraordinary because we are present in them. Hence, our presence in the moments makes them extraordinary, not our truancy.

In simple words; the whole idea is to do our actions thoroughly, enjoying it. That is what I call meditation, absorbing your senses in your action. Dance is as much a form of meditation as sitting in a samadhi. Whenever one feels in a moment, one feels fulfilled and alive. These moments happen every day in our life; we do not need to pack our bags and go in search of them.

If we do what we love doing, extraordinary will come wrapped in many ordinary things to us.

Love and Sunshine.