Not Letting Our Wounds Transform Us Into A Bitter Person


All of us have scars. The reality is that life is temporary, and change is the only constant thing in our lives. It does not matter how hard we try to cling to our favorite moments; they are gone. One moment we are here, and another moment we will be gone. The strange thing is that in between these moments, we make so much fuss about life, and there is so much violence, anger, and hatred within these small moments. I have read this quote “We all are sitting in the car which is going to hit the wall, and we are fighting with each other over where to sit!”

We are trying to conceal our pain with resentment. There is a deep wound hidden under every rage. Our past experiences are consuming our present. Our anxieties related to the future are shadowing us. Concealing scars does not help in healing them. Similarly, hurting others will not lessen our pain.

We are the ultimate decision-makers when it comes to choosing between Love or Hatred, Hope or Despair, Kindness, or Revenge. Try to observe what is buried under our resentment. Let that bitterness dissolve in love. This world is not against us; our goal is not to become a bitter person, it is to become a better person.

Love and Sunshine.

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