Window Seat

Imagine you are sitting in a train that will take you on a journey.

On this train, you are sharing space with a few people; you call them family, friends and companions. They all have somewhere to reach…their own destination and maps in their hands. They get on that train at a designated station and they get off when they reach their destination or maybe they will take another train from there to reach their destination.

On this train, you are observing life through your window. You see passing by landscape of ups and downs, highs and lows, withins and withouts. Sometimes you are able to share your view with others, and sometimes you are the only one feeling while others are busy looking through their own window.

On this train, you are sharing an experiences with others, reminding them about the beauty of togetherness and joy of love. People getting in, people saying goodbyes, people waiting for others, people parting ways…with smiles and tears. Through your window, you can see time passing with the hope for future while leaving traces of past.

Life is a window seat on a train.

While looking through your window, what do you see and experience?