Do You Experience Wholeness

Hello beautiful readers,

How are we doing today? Is your day going well so far? I bet it is now after looking at the picture of a cute cat.

Just like Cat in the picture, I did some math in my brain too. When I look around, I feel how we humans are so similar and yet different. We feel the same set of emotions; reasons may be various. We go through our share of struggles and success. It is a beautiful experience just to listen to a person sharing his or her life; you can relate to it in your way. You can experience how connected we are to this whole universe. We all are pearls in a necklace joined by a thread. It is a feeling of wholeness, connectivity to the entire world. We see ourselves in everyone. Have you practiced sungazing? Well, during sun gazing, you experience this completeness, sense of wholeness, intense emotion of belonging to the world. That’s the feeling I am talking about.

I hope this article will spark a sense of wholeness in you. I wish you connectivity to the universe.

Love and Sunshine

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