Suppressing Desires to ‘Fit-in’ is a Bad Idea

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Sometimes we feel tied up in the knots of demands and expectations of others. We lose our own desires and vision in the hope of gaining acceptance by others. The whole idea of “fitting in” can be so exhausting and is equal to life imprisonment. Certain behaviors are expected from us, and others define even our success and failure, how pitiful is that?! By suppressing our natural energy, we are forced to live a particular life. Our heart already knows what it wants, but the fear of becoming an outlier is stronger than our desires.

We see human machines walking around us looking at their watches always because they cannot afford to spend their own time luxuriously. We are running around, working so hard to gather resources so that we can afford materialistic luxuries, how about affording our own time?!

The real danger to our mind is suppressing our vitality, a volcano that is ready to erupt inside us and now is cracking our vision. The most ignored and disregarded essence in our world is our sub-conscious mind. We have dreams that were too high, and then we decided to dump them in the corner of our minds. There is a pile of them that influence our behavior from a dark side. Directly we might feel nothing, but indirectly, we are accumulating sources of stress, anger, and disappointments. Think about a failed romantic relationship which influences our behavior; we start building higher walls around our heart and guarding it with caution. If one experiences can influence our response to this extent, what about our continuous denial and suppression of our natural energy.

All that stress and anger we feel are coming from that dark corner of our suppressed thoughts. Suppressing feelings is dangerous; it is dangerous to keep all those inhibitions in our minds. The longer we suppress, the possibility of catastrophe becomes higher. This suppression of thoughts can drive us to the point of insanity, where we cannot control them, but they control us.

Giving some time to better understand our mind. Making a promise to our heart that we will always be available to listen when he speaks.

Love and Sunshine from Feeling Buddhaful

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