All you need is a little Spark ✨

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Buddha said “What you think, you become” I believe, you should become what you want to become! For real! Everything starts with a spark, an action leads to a reaction and the ball starts rolling. Nothing can move forward without a push. We need the wind at our backs to move forward in our lives. We need a spark to lit a fire inside us. A spark is an inspiration to make art, a fear to find courage, and a pain to provoke strength and an imagination to innovate. It is an unplanned and unexpected incident that happens in the middle of our ordinary life. After that, it leaves a fire burning in our heart. A fire to achieve, a fire that will keep us going!

Remember, you must become what you ought to be. Start seeking your inner fire, and you will meet your spark one day. Keep going and do not settle darling! ✨

Love and Sunshine from Rose Colored Glasses.

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