It Is Not About The Quantity But The Quality In Life


Getting charmed by the numbers in the form of material or people is normal behavior. It takes a mindful thought to shift perspective, “Don’t be quantitative.” It is about quality, not quantity.  One cannot accumulate life and measure it in quantity. Happiness cannot be measured; neither love nor sadness. There are no boundaries except the ones we have in our minds. Following the path of quantity, one will only meet the discontentment in the end. Even in the spiritual journey,  meditation is no milestone that one can keep collecting. Meditation is a way of being: the way we are.

Being happy does not take much. In the way of our happiness, there stands our ego. Ego is nothing but darkness. It’s our ego that shifts our focus from quality to quantity. If we observe the things in life that give us happiness, we will know how less dependent we are on quantity.

Greatness in life belongs to those who focus on the excellence of their being.