One minute with God

One minute with God – My Spirit’s benchmark

One day I was watching Grey clouds painting darker shade on the canvas of sky. I do not know why the concept of God came into my mind. Maybe it is because of old cultural conditioning, where we look up to the sky while referring to God. The question which came to my mind was; what if I get to meet God for once. Who knows how long I am travelling through cycles of birth and deaths, I am not sure in which forms I was present on the earth earlier and what would be my next form. Keeping all this background information in my mind, what if I get one minute with God….What would I say or ask? What would I want to know after travelling for the centuries? What should I ask for which will keep me content for all my lives?

Conversation in the first meeting is always tough and knowing that it might be the last meeting can hike up the difficulty level. To be honest, I could not think of any question or desire for the one-minute meeting with God. Which life or character I should refer because everything around is constantly changing. While I was running along the horses of my thoughts, I started noticing the pattern of my thinking. I was focusing on the things which I feel are worth talking about. I was not thinking about complaining about someone, skin or financial issues, break-ups, dislikes, celebrity, grades, etc. Then I stopped for a while and thought about this, how unimportant temporary issues in our life disappears when we focus on something bigger in life. If these things are not even worth talking in that one minute, why should I bother keeping them in my mind anyways? It is a simple process we do in multiple choice question when we do not know the exact answer we at least remove the options that we are sure is incorrect. If someone’s annoying attitude, will not even fit in my life’s picture, then why to bother keeping their thought in mind. Just through that worthless garbage out and keep your soul clean.

One minute with God…maybe I do not know the right option, yet I am trying to eliminate all the incorrect ones. Now it has become a benchmark for me, things or people who might be able to get my attention in the bad or good way, I always think “would I include them in one minute”. If not, “Let it pass

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