Mind and Awareness – An Ancient Zen Story

Mind and Awareness

This story is an ancient Zen story which I would like to share with you beautiful readers. It is a story that we can relate to if we are on the path of developing mind awareness.

After ten years of hard-work, Tenno became a Zen teacher. One day, he went to visit the famous master Nanin. It was raining heavily that day. When he went in, the master asked him a simple question, “Tenno, did you leave your umbrella and shoes outside on the porch?”

Tenno replied, “Yes, Master”

And the master continued, “Tell me Tenno, did you place your umbrella to the left of your shoe or to the right?”

Tenno could not recall. At that moment when Tenno did not know the answer, he realized that he had not attained full mind awareness yet. Therefore, he decided to become Nan-in’s student and studied under him for ten more years.


 **A story from James Khan Zen & Sufi Parables

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