Manage the Conflict – Motivational Zen Metaphors of Life

Master says “Manage the Conflict”

The best way to tell someone a suggestion is to tell them a story or a metaphor. A metaphor where we can relate ourselves. That is why you will see children book have stories with a moral in the end. Do you remember story of greedy dog or a thirsty crow? Well I am going to talk about zen metaphors of life which I read in “Buddhist Parables” These metaphors revolve around the concept of inner conflict. 


The master says when one decide to act, it is natural that unexpected conflict will arise. It is understandable that we get   hurt from our inner conflict. Remember that wounds from such conflict heal: they might stay on as scars; and scars are blessing. Scars stay with us and are of great help. Scars are like marks of handcuffs and reminder of prison, the prison that we do not want to go back again. If at some point if our desire to return to the past is strong, we have only to look at our scars and keep moving forward in life.


Talking about inner conflict, sometimes we find ourselves standing on crossroad. Unable to make decisions and scared of making a wrong choice. A crossroad is a holy place. There, the pilgrim has to make a decision. Master says “Where roads cross, two great forces are concentrated    – the path that will be chosen, and the path to be ignored. Both are transformed into a single path, but only for a short period of time.” The pilgrim may rest, sleep a bit, and even consult with the gods that inhabit the crossroad. But no one can remain there forever: once his choice is made, he has to move on, without thinking about the path he has rejected.”Otherwise,the crossroad becomes a curse.”


The master says “There are two gods. The god that our professors taught us about, and the God who teaches us. The god of whom people always speak, and the God that speaks to us. The god we have learned to fear, and the God who speaks to us of compassion.”There are two gods. The god who is on high, and the God who takes part in our daily lives. The god who makes demands upon us,and the God who pardons our debts. The god who threatens us with the fires of Hell, and the God who shows us the best path.”There are two gods. A god who crushes us under our sins, and a God who liberates us with His love.”


Today, take a responsibility to manage the conflicts within you.


Love and Sunshine – Rose Colored Glasses 🙂

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