Loneliness vs. Solitude

How are we doing today? Did I hear great, Yes I want to hear great! If you are feeling overwhelmed right now, take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that it is going to be alright. You have made it so far, and you are going to make it further. Once your mind is open for discussion, let’s talk about the loneliness.

We are scared of loneliness; everyone is afraid of isolation, and we try our best to get out of this state. It is like an empty void for us. We fear loneliness so much that we try to build relationships, friendships, social circles that will make us feel secure, surrounded, and occupied. But relationships and friendships born from merely a fear of loneliness will not go that far, and love is meant to be fearless. We cannot love anyone if we are afraid, we will have to let go of fears. We cannot learn how to swim by just standing at the shores.  Loneliness can be turned into solitude, a peaceful state of mind. Do not be scared of being alone. Love has to be free from all the fears and desperation.

Love and Sunshine

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