Getting Over The Fear Of Being Judged by Others


If you are afraid of being judged, give up on your opinions about others. Your fear of being criticized will go away because you will see yourself in others.

Replacing judgments with curiosity will work wonderfully. If we are wondering why some people have different ways of doing things, maybe we should be curious rather than being negative. Being curious about people’s diverse choices and thoughts; trying to understand what makes us all unique. Seeing the world through opinion-glasses will make everything look so dull. Take those glasses off and try to see the world as it is. Maybe we will find beauty in the differences and flaws in uniformity.

Last but not least, typically, prejudiced minds are hypocrites. Hypocrites choose the values and beliefs according to convenience and wear a mask of perfection,  living under a false illusion that they are perfect, and everyone else is a mess. Sometimes, I think, that there is some chaos within them that they are trying to ignore.

 Looking at the world with curiosity is priceless.

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