Art of Decluttering Your Mind – Learn it in a 5 Easy Ways

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Art of Decluttering Your Mind

Hello loved ones,


Today we are going to talk something that all of us need at one point of our life. We feel we do not have enough time; our priorities are lacking our focus and we are confused about why are we are so occupied all the times yet no fruitful results. The answer to this chaos is de-cluttering of mind, yes we all need it on a regular basis. It is like a reboot button of our mind. Hop in if you need to learn Art of Decluttering Your Mind.

De-clutter – Definition is to remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place).

Like your house, your mind needs to be de-cluttered as well. We experience many things on a daily basis, in this digital age; we hear and see more things every day as compared to 20 years ago. There are so many things going in our mind which distract us, slow us down and most likely lead us to stress. Stress is our biggest enemy and root of many problems. Think of your room which is untidy; everything scattered everywhere; you can’t find things; things are piling up, and you are getting lazy to clean it. It is so frustrating! Same situation with your mind, so many thoughts, dreams, analogies, experiences scattered everywhere forming piles of negativity in your mind’s room. Can we de-clutter our mind? Yes, we can! Here are five self –tested formulas which will help you to de-clutter your mind and increase productivity 🙂


  1. Forgive Yourself

    We all make many mistakes in our life due to lack of knowledge/experience, lack of insight and sometimes lack of control over the situations. You are not the only person in the history of the human race who has made mistakes. We learn from our mistakes; we move on with a flashlight of experiences to explore new horizons of life. Your first step should be make peace with yourself, let go of all the regrets and give yourself forgiveness.

  2. Let go of Grudges 

    Now that you have successfully completed the first step, it is time to forgive others too. Because just like you, they have made some mistakes in life which have caused you pain. I know it is easy to say than being done. But even if you can not go back to friendly terms, at least bring your mind to neutral state. If you think nobody wants to hurt you intentionally, it will heal your wounds faster. Why are you keeping these grudges in your mind? Throw this trash out of your mind and make some space for new experiences.

  3. Focus on one thing at a time

    Multi-tasking was supposed to help us to get more things done quickly. But now we are trying to multi-task everything in life which is leaving us with incomplete experiences. For example, eating while watching TV, we lose the joy of eating, meeting a friend and looking at your phone, we are losing the joy of face to face conversation. Try to simplify your life by focusing on one thing at a time. Bring your mind to the present moment and experience it completely. Turn off your phone while reading a book, in social gatherings, going for a walk, eating, etc. Be present.

  4. Re-evaluate your routine

    Most of us do not have any set routines in our daily lives, and we simply tackle our daily tasks randomly.  And without organization, we meet chaos of life. How can we manage our time if we do not have a list of all chores and activities that we are supposed to do? It’s helpful to write all of your weekly and daily chores and tasks, and Hang it up where you can see it and try to follow it ( the most convenient place is a refrigerator, mirror or calendar in your room). Keep a day for grocery shopping, set a time for your workout, set a day for laundry, cleaning house. Once your life is organized, you will find a sense of calmness and order to your life.

  5. Re-consider your commitments

    Our lives are too jumbled with all the things that we are expected to do at home, work, school, with friends and family, our hobbies, our goals and lists go on. Sit down with a piece of paper and pen, and write down all your commitments. Look at each area of life and see what are you expected to do and what you want to do. Writing and seeing it can be an eye-opening experience. From here, you want to see which things, people, experiences bring you true joy. Which of these things you have just listed are worth your time and value… I will suggest you keep the things you truly love and make you happy and drop rest. Learn to say no, if you do not want to be somewhere, do not feel obligated. Prioritize and get rid of things which are only giving you stress. This way you will have more time to enjoy things you love.

I hope you find this article useful and enjoy reading it. Do not forget to smile, my friend. Love and Sunshine. Keep Feeling Buddhaful.