Curiosity | Conversation | Connection


“We all want to know and be known. That’s why doing good is so powerful when the focus is first and foremost the people and not the project.”
― Chris Marlow

Most of us, spend the majority of our day in front of the screens. Whether it is for work or personal, we are occupied by the world of the internet. The invention that has brought us closer by bridging the physical distance is now bringing a void in our connections. A deep psychological void is filling our minds, and we are losing connectivity. Many studies have been done to understand whether we are becoming more global citizens or becoming more isolated. I would say,  both statements are right.  There is no light without a shadow.

The challenge we are facing is to maintain a real human connection in the world of illusion. How can we keep the warmth in our relationships alive? It is simple – Be mindful. Be curious.  When I meet my people, I keep my curiosity conscious. I am genuinely interested to know about their life experiences, values, dreams, fears and the things that we hide behind the day-to-day cold interactions. Bringing a touch of human emotions back to our daily interactions is a mindful process. You will need to invest your attention in others. To be curious, you will need to accept people as they are. You need to drop the judgment and pessimism that we have started wearing as glasses.

“We are all wonderful, beautiful wrecks. That’s what connects us–that we’re all broken, all beautifully imperfect.”
― Emilio Estevez

Curiosity leads to a conversation, and a conversation leads to connection.