The Greatest Power You Can Possess Is Knowing Yourself!

knowing yourself

People are afraid of those who know themselves. Individuals who know themselves do not seek validation from outside. Their path is clear; it does not matter to them where other people are pointing fingers towards. Knowing yourself gives one a certain charisma and magnetism in their persona.

Knowing yourself is the greatest power one can possess

A powerful thing about knowing yourself is that the world can no longer enslave you through praises and curses. The world has the power to manipulate you by making you doubt (or by just telling you that what you are doing is a faux pas). You ignore yourself and nod on every opinion others hold about you. In the end, you will become an opinion column written by others with a little to zero truth in it. Your voice will stop calling your name if you keep ignoring it.

Take an example of a chess game, do you think your winning is dependent on other person’s moves? Or winning a chess game is about strategizing and knowing your next move. A conqueror goes with the confidence of knowing their game, not with the mentality of focusing on others. This is the difference between a champion and a runner-up. Knowing your next move, both in life and chess is learned through the experiences you have collected through the life.

“No one is free who has not obtained the empire of himself. No man is free who cannot command himself.” ― Pythagoras

What you can contribute to this world comes from your ability to know yourself. Knowing yourself is when you are not projecting your illusions of yourself through the projector of wishful thinking on the screen made of ‘What ifs.’

We all want same things in life; comfort, love, and power. But do you know which one you are most hungry for? If you want all of them, then you will get an average share of them. Let’s say 33% comfort, 33% love and 33% power. Now if you want more than an average proportion of one thing, then you will have to give up on a share of something else. In the business economics, they call it Opportunity Cost,  and in life, they call it a sacrifice. How would you know which choice to make if you do not know yourself well? Friedrich Nietzsche said, “One has to know the size of one’s stomach.”

“He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.” ― Lao Tzu

If you are wondering how can you ‘know thyself’ better, I will describe a valuable business technique for you. It starts with complete honesty that you owe to yourself. You need to know your strengths and weaknesses beyond the answers you give during your job interviews. I have been working in the marketing industry for a decade now; therefore I can assuredly tell you about a key decision-making analysis which determines all the business strategies. It is called SWOT analysis.

  • S – Strengths
  • W- Weaknesses
  • O – Opportunities
  • T – Threats

SWOT is a powerful tool which can help you uncover opportunities that you have strengths to pursue. Also, it helps you understand your weaknesses that you can manage and eliminate threats that would otherwise catch you unexpectedly. You need to know that you have made a mistake before anyone else tells you. Life can be a serious business when it comes to making choices. Therefore SWOT analysis is a must at the personal level.

Grab a piece of paper and start listing your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities (to grow), and threats (your fears). You will be surprised to find out more about yourself within the layers of your mind. Make sure you are completely honest in your SWOT analysis process.

Furthermore, a vital step which can bring you closer to yourself is meditation. Meditation occurs when you devote your time to the nothingness of your mind. It is an act of watching your thoughts come and go. Give at least five minutes to meditation from your day and your life will transform. There is a remarkable quote about meditation, “As gold purified in a furnace loses its impurities and achieves its own true nature, the mind gets rid of the impurities of the attributes of delusion, attachment, and purity through meditation and attains Reality.” – Adi Shankara

Every genius has known something of the inner more than the outer world; find your inner power.

Love and Sunshine. Keep Feeling Buddhaful!

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Jasz Gill is a contemporary writer and poet who writes about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion. She started writing a blog with Rose Colored Glasses in 2010, a self-help blog to encourage individuals in their journey towards mindfulness. Her writing style is based on turning big ideas into practical wisdom.

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  1. Rhonda K says: Reply

    Very Nice

  2. Creative Thinking says: Reply

    Really great article. Once you face your fears, you’ll soon realize what a waste of time it was to be afraid. Just gotta do it.

  3. Meredith says: Reply

    What an amazing article! As a lifetime fretter, who’s just had the worst happen, I found peace in accepting my flaws and trying to trust the universe more. I look forward to trying these other techniques! Not quite there yet but I trust and know I will be okay. Thank you for sharing

  4. Sue says: Reply

    You are an inspiration. This post resonates with me, loud and clear. Thank you for showing me to the other side, where the happiness hides.

  5. Rachael says: Reply

    Gosh I was getting gripped by self doubt, I kept thinking about how I’d given up apart of something I was doing then as I started a new course and it contains mindfulness I thought but I didn’t keep up the practice last time, I’m a failure, maybe it’s just an innate trait, deep pai ful shame amd I’ll repeat this pattern forever……this article has just literally come up straight after these thoughts, thank you

  6. Joy says: Reply

    thank you for this post. i had just these very thoughts today about losing confidence and self esteem as I am learning subjects that are very new to me. Especially having worked for many years and returning to studying a field that I have no experience in really makes me feel very uncomfortable and doubtful of my capabilities to understand. It makes me feel like i am sinking in and losing my true identity in the process. but as you mentioned rightly, confidence builds from actions and perhaps its normal to feel less intelligent now compared to others and focus on the process of learning. I guess I am also nervous of trying to learn many things and making sure i will be able to pass the exams and complete the course in time…

  7. Wei says: Reply

    Make a resolve to quit thinking about the future at all.

    Using death as a motivation gives you the fear of loss, loss of things you did not even have in the first place. Fear mustn’t drive you in any form. You can say, I am no longer distracted by fear, but it is still the same poison as fuel.

    Ask yourself, is it fear? If so, discard it regardlessly. No fear is reasonable. This may leave you in the unknown – you cannot attach yourself to a concept and then be happy – happiness is found without regard to what is being sought.

  8. Marcella says: Reply

    I see your blog is full of fresh unique content. Well done

  9. Gracie Will says: Reply

    Great Post in real sense. Keep it up

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