‘Anal al Haq’ – What does it mean?

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Anal al haq is a famous controversial statement which leads to a painful execution of its first narrator. ‘Anal al haq’ was said by a Persian mystic Mansoor al-Hallaj (Mansur al-Hallaj).  Anal al Haq means “I am the Truth.” Mansoor Al-Hallaj was executed in 922 AD for having stated “Anal al Haq.” The Orthodox considered […]


An ancient Sufi parable Let me share a story with you today. I read this story in Osho’s book Secret Series. The story goes like this, a rich merchant in Baghdad sent his servant one day to the marketplace to buy food. But after a few minutes, the servant returned looking panic-stricken. “Master!” he cried. […]

A Wanderer within me

Wanderer within me took us to a place which is named after Rumi (a teahouse). It was Friday night which was a weekly gathering for Sufi and poets. Sitting through the evening session and hearing them chanting hymns, there were two main thoughts in my mind. One was that it was not Rumi (Jalāl ad-Dīn […]

Dream Vs. Realty

Hello to all the truth seekers out there. As I always say that we are in this together. Have you ever had a moment where it is hard to differentiate between reality and dream? So what is life – A dream or reality. The great Taoist master Chuang Tzu once dreamt that he was a […]


I have always been curious to understand the meaning of Maktub. The concept of “everything is already written” raises thousands of questions in my Mind. As if we all are acting in a play of life, and our characters are written by someone else. I wonder where is the place for choices then?  A character cannot […]