Life and you continue surprising each other 🌹

Dear little me…..

I wish I could tell you when you grow up..

Your father will teach you the beauty of kindness, your mother will inspire you to make your own place in this world and your sister will keep your childhood alive throughout your life. Your parents will be proud of you…

You will move away to study and you will leave your home but you will make friends..wonderful friends, who will share their stories and celebrate life with you.

You will meet many strong women who will inspire you to do better…to be better. Their courage and wisdom will empower you.

Yes, mistakes will be made, and some may be disappointed, but each stumble becomes a step toward personal growth. Tears will still flow, but with them, valuable lessons will be learned. After every fall, you will rise with a smile.

Your heart will be touched by love when you will meet your soulmate. And darling, you will experience the poetry of life.

You will travel the world and collect marbles of memories. You will see how beautifully..God has decorated every corner of this world.

With many new hellos, you would also have to say some goodbyes. But goodbyes are only for those who love with eyes, if you love with your soul, there is no goodbye.

Your love will evolve through seasons…it help you grow. And you would go to the end of the earth and back for those you love.

I wish I could assure you that everything will work out perfectly. I wish I could tell you how our story will end, but I don’t know the ending yet. What I do know is you’ll keep getting better.

Love will always remain at the center of your universe and hope will never leave your side.

Life and you will continue surprising each other!

Happy Birthday Darling 🌹
Chin up