Patience is a virtue

patience, virtue

Why they say “Patience is a virtue.”

How are we doing? What happened today that made you smile for a moment? C’mon, tell me that picture on top made you smile 🙂

Even though I am the person who goes with the flow of life, yet just like you, I have noticed that we want all the things on our wishlist now, For example, weight loss now! Job now! Money now! Success now!  (When I say we, I do include myself). Changes are beautiful when they are slow and gradual, don’t let yourself get impatient. Think about it, if you do not want something negative to happen all of a sudden, then why do you fight the fact that positive is taking so long? They say the best things come to those who wait, wait, and work towards their way to success. You will hear my grandma saying this lot that “Patience is a virtue” because when you try to things in a rush, you will be under stress and lose focus.

So my friends, if you are in the process of finding a job, losing weight, creating something, I would say, “Continue your path, enjoy the view, the destination will come for sure, but don’t miss the pleasure of journey in a rush. Take it easy ❤️

 Love and Sunshine.