“Udta Punjab” – A knock on door of our superficial world

Just like a random weekend routine, I went to watch movie ‘Udta Punjab’ with a group of friends. I already knew this movie is about the drug problem and my beloved Punjab – Land of five rivers. That’s right; I am a Punjabi living in Canada, an NRI character that you might have seen in few Bollywood movies. Bollywood movies for us is a connection to our home; a mutual conversation to be shared with a group of friends over the weekend. Whenever I see Punjab in those movies, it makes me happy since I can recognize those places and faces. However, I was not completely open to an idea of letting Udta Punjab be more than just a movie for me.

The reasons could be many, but one was my belonging to Punjab, the land itself. My ego of knowing the truth first hand, and thinking Bollywood might try to glamourize it. I never knew Udta Punjab would demand so many emotions from me which I was not ready for.

Who will want to see a mirror with the intention of looking ugly, right?

I am not here to review performances of big stars, for me, they are characters that I have known from somewhere; characters I have heard about and have even seen in real life. Unfortunately, there was not a single character in the movie which I  can refer as merely a fiction. I wanted to be surprised by Udta Punjab, but they projected a story from my memory’s flashback on the silver screen.

I do not understand the political agenda behind banning Udta Punjab fearing it will ruin the reputation of Punjab. What did it do for me truly? I fell in love with Punjab all over again; a love which wants to protect and help, a love which is hopeful and will never give up. Udta Punjab has not repelled my mind but has filled me with a generosity towards my beloved Punjab. I think we all owe to Punjab, and I will be contributing my share to this blog, writing posts focusing on self-help and drug problem. I hope everyone will find their own way to contribute. #Saynotodrugs

Udta Punjab was much needed! It was needed by people who are living in Punjab and for people like me who are living overseas with Punjab’s glorious past and hopes of golden future, but denying the dark present. No one can take away our honored legacy and glorious heritage, but knowing the present is more important than singing songs about some notorious delusions.

Takeaway – Long live Punjab! We will not give up on our existence.

Note to Makers This movie has reached where you wanted it to be. I am hopeful; soon we will give you an opportunity to make a movie on our Proud Prosperous Punjab, where once again you can show us dancing freely on bhangra tunes, singing songs of life, winning honors for our country, and sharing tales of love & bravery.

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