Start Manifesting Trust In Yourself To Make A Real Difference


The sales of anti-depressants are skyrocketing these days. In spite of having more comforts than our ancestors used to have, we are still struggling to find happiness in our lives. Accumulation of wealth is not filling our voids but putting more holes of confusion in our minds. Many successful business models are based on human doubts and fears e.g. insurance companies, retirement plans, anti-stress drugs, cosmetic procedures, body modifications, diet pills, street drugs, pyramid business schemes, quick money gimmicks and the list goes on. People are selling things by convincing you that there is something wrong with you and your life. Honestly, the stuff they are selling is not going to fix it either. Because the core problem is that you do not trust yourself. You do not believe that you are good enough.

Unfortunately, many people will continue to live in misery because they have stopped believing in themselves. The real difference in life will only occur if you tell yourself “I am enough.” Stop looking at yourself as an incomplete puzzle.

If you want to live your life on your own terms, you need to develop an undisputed faith in yourself.

The source of your trust is not others but your own heart. In fact, you can only trust others if you have faith in yourself. Many people doubt the idea of love and success because they do not have a belief. They continue to be besieged by doubts; they cannot hold this idea that they are worthy of love and success. There is a room full of doubts in their head which shadow their everyday decisions. Life cannot be lived with doubts; it has to be experienced completely.

You have to choose between doubts or life.

Ask yourself; Why are you finding it so difficult to trust yourself?

  • Is it because of your past failures?

We all have them. Failures are like riddles, we solve them, and we move on.

  • Is it because of failures of others?

Every individual has its way of dealing with life. Do not let the failures of others to stop you from trying. You can certainly learn from them and try to do better. This is how scientists and inventors go on inventing new things, they learn from failures – some of their own and many of others.

  • Is it because of your surroundings?

If your surroundings are pushing you towards hopelessness, you need to change it. Only people who deserve to be around you are the ones who contribute positivity in your life. There is no use of keeping snakes for the sake of company. It is better to be alone than in a bad company. Loneliness is fear itself. When you are feeling fulfilled in your own company; you will stop looking somewhere else. A few days back, I wrote about how knowing yourself can be the greatest power you can possess!

Let go of fears and make room for faith in your mind

You need to believe that you have a purpose in life. A purpose that is waiting for you to claim it. Your creation was not merely an accident. Out of all the possibilities that Universe could have created; it has chosen to create you.

The hope of everything is going to be alright should be your mantra. Give yourself some time; build a strength of trust. Start manifesting trust today!

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Jasz Gill is a contemporary writer and poet who writes about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion. She started writing a blog with Rose Colored Glasses in 2010, a self-help blog to encourage individuals in their journey towards mindfulness. Her writing style is based on turning big ideas into practical wisdom.

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  1. Medha says: Reply

    Lovely post! So lovely and so much needed for today’s world!!!
    (And so perfectly timed too!) Because I was just about to leave you a message on the “Connect” page to talk about something similar- and then I see this, and then I see that it was posted TODAY, I hit out here in the comments section itself!!
    A similar realization has inspired me to challenge myself to “21 days of Overflow”.
    Because I realized that every person, plant and animal needs love <3 and this society is currently in a deficiency. We are all running to things and people trying to fill up our 'love-tanks' but have by-passed this basic fact that we can generate love in ourselves and feel awesome without a 'reason' to feel so. We don't need to cling or depend on anything/anyone to fulfill this basic need. We aren't tanks that collect love, but fountains that flow and overflow with love! Just like the flowers that bloom and the trees that give fruit, we can fill ourselves up and overflow! 🙂
    So this basic realization has inspired and sparked off a million possibilities, but I need to implement first. (No use of theory without practical right!) I was wondering if you all at would like to participate along with me, too. I thought some feedback from like-minded people will be great support before I can trigger a chain of love from my side. It would be lovely if you can do it together with me (and some of my friends who have agreed to volunteer)
    All you need to do is this –
    Just before you sleep, just after you wake up, and any time during the day if you feel like it,
    When you inhale feel yourself full of pure, undirected love (not self love or love for anyone/anything – because all that is so hard for someone who hates themselves or people/things!)
    And when you exhale, you simply overflow. Let yourself be so full of love that you radiate love. Love flows out of you.
    I think this is so simple, yet so effective.
    It's like, whenever people around you are any less than overflow, you can simply flow into them and even tell them that they too can overflow! When they see that the way you're reacting to them now is different, their assumptions about you are bound to change and the world will be a beautiful place indeed!!
    When people stop holding on to their jobs for the fear of being unable to run their families, they will actually start doing what they like- the work that energized them instead of cutting them out!
    Oh! I'll be so excited if this happens!
    Do give me your feedback about what you all think about this idea 🙂
    You can ask your friends to do this too.. I plan to collect a small feedback after 21 days to know if this has worked for you and your friends or not, (so that it can boost my self confidence when I try to encourage people around me to try this!) Just mail me to tell if you felt any change or not during the 21 days 🙂

    This challenge is not under anyone's name or initiative, so it is free to be used, tried, tweaked and shared as long as the core concept is the same.

    Thanks again for a wonderful blog and a lovely lovely post!!!

  2. Winston says: Reply

    Thank you love

  3. Jason says: Reply

    The difference between winners and losers is faith. Well written!

  4. David says: Reply

    This is a very good post. This website is loaded with lots of interesting things, it really helped me in many ways.

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