The First Step

Hello loved ones, Do you have a big project ahead of you, and you don’t understand where to start? Do things seem bigger than your capacity? Are you thinking of giving up on your dreams because the road is not clear? Please do not let your determination fade away. My yoga instructor once told me […]

If All Beings Are Like Rivers

If God or the ultimate truth is an ocean and human beings are like rivers, then eventually all the rivers will fall into an ocean and become one. A river cannot go back to its beginning. However, a river can keep flowing towards the divine end. One day when I merge into my ocean, I will be merging into […]

A Nameless Emotion

When one is on the road of self-discovery, we meet our emotions and thoughts. And while passing by them, we will see they all have a name. There is an opposite emotion to every emotion; at least there is a different word to describe it. Yet, when one reaches a certain level of self-awareness… When a mind crosses boundaries […]

Know Thyself

Pretty morning beautiful readers, How is life treating you today? I bet life is treating you like a king, if not, you know how to change that. I have faith in you. Today’s post ‘Know Thyself” is a summary of my conversation with a dear friend of mine who is also a believer that life has […]

Not Every Wanderer Is Lost

Hello loved ones, Do you experience that endless wandering going in your mind? No answer is satisfactory right?!! I know why! Because all those answers are someone else’s, they belong to their mind; they appeal to their soul, but you will have to find your own key to unlock doors within you. As a wanderer, […]

Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great, we all have heard his name and stories related to him. For the longest time (childhood), he was one of my favourite historical person. Honestly, back then all I knew about him was that “he conquered almost the entire world.” My appreciation for him was just limited to the fact that he was […]

Dream Vs. Realty

Hello to all the truth seekers out there. As I always say that we are in this together. Have you ever had a moment where it is hard to differentiate between reality and dream? So what is life – A dream or reality. The great Taoist master Chuang Tzu once dreamt that he was a […]