Preach Less Practice More!

Preach less Practice More! Hello all the beautiful readers, How was your day today? Have you noticed something about yourself? Well I did, I saw that we preach others more valuable lessons than practicing ourselves. Just imagine if all those advice we give others, we apply in our life. Health tips, diet tips, beauty remedies, […]

Patience is a virtue

patience, virtue

Why they say “Patience is a virtue.” How are we doing? What happened today that made you smile for a moment? C’mon, tell me that picture on top made you smile 🙂 Even though I am the person who goes with the flow of life, yet just like you, I have noticed that we want […]


An ancient Sufi parable Let me share a story with you today. I read this story in Osho’s book Secret Series. The story goes like this, a rich merchant in Baghdad sent his servant one day to the marketplace to buy food. But after a few minutes, the servant returned looking panic-stricken. “Master!” he cried. […]

What is Life?

Pretty Morning loved ones, I hope your day was beautiful and you are feeling good about it. I am feeling Buddhaful today. What is life? I get this question all the time from others as well as from my mind. Tough or let’s say a very simple question, but the answer could be anything. I […]