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  • Plant What You Would Like To Harvest


    Sharing a simple rule that I have recently read. Now, I’ve it on a wall in front of my work desk. Plant a Thought     Harvest an Action Plant an Action      Harvest a Habit Plant a Habit          Harvest a Character Plant a Character  Harvest a Destiny Hoping this thought will bring clarity and focus to your […]

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  • Practice Freedom


    “Everything can be taken from a man, but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances” Man in the search for meaning. Life is a series of unexpected incidents. It is full of changes, confusion, and chaos.  However, the disorder has the ability to shape […]

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  • Master the Art of Questioning Yourself

    Questioning Yourself

    Questioning yourself in a constructive way is an art. Asking questions to your Self seems like a ‘peeling an onion’ process; one layer leads to the another one. I have noticed in the biographies of successful people and thinkers, that most of their questions are directed inwards. Benjamin Franklin started his day with a question: […]

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  • Decision by Toss

    Listen To Your Heart

    Good evening readers, Give yourself a tap on your shoulder for surviving a day gracefully. Christmas season is here, and we all have to go for a shopping spree to get gifts. Sometimes it is hard to decide what to buy, right! Argh those decisions, decisions, decisions! Have you ever been torn between two options, […]