Why Suppressing Your Desires to ‘Fit-in’ is a Bad Idea!

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Sometimes we feel tied up in the knots of demands and expectations of others. We lose our own desires and vision in the hope of gaining acceptance by others. The whole idea of “fitting in” can be so exhausting and is equal to a life imprisonment. Certain behaviors are expected from us, and even our success and failure is defined by others, how pitiful is that?! By suppressing our natural energy, we are forced to live a certain life. Our heart already knows what it wants, but the fear of becoming an outlier is stronger than our desires.

We see human machines walking around us looking at their watches constantly because they cannot afford to spend their own time luxuriously. We are running around, working so hard to gather resources so that we can afford materialistic luxuries, how about affording our own time?!

The real danger to our mind is a suppressing our vitality, a volcano which is ready to erupt inside us and now is cracking our vision. The most ignored and disregarded essence in our world is our sub-conscious mind. We have dreams that were too high and then we decided to dump them in the corner of our mind. There is a pile of them which influence our behavior from a dark side. Directly we might feel nothing, but indirectly, we are accumulating sources of stress, anger, and disappointments. Think about a failed romantic relationship which has an influence on our behavior; we start building higher walls around our heart and guarding it with caution. If one experience can influence our behavior to this extent, what about our continuous denial and suppression of our natural energy.

All that stress and anger we feel are coming from that dark corner of our suppressed thoughts. Suppressing your thoughts is dangerous, it is dangerous to keep all those inhibitions in our mind. The longer we suppress, a possibility of catastrophe becomes higher. This suppression of thoughts can drive us to the point of insanity where we cannot control them, but they control us.

Do not give up on your thoughts, face them and then let them fly like a free bird. Give your time to yourself to better understand your mind. Do not ignore yourself, find a healing outlet for your mind, meditate and let your energy flow freely without any blocks. Make a promise to your heart that you will always be available to listen when he speaks.

Love and Sunshine from Feeling Buddhaful

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Jasz Gill is a contemporary writer and poet who writes about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion. She started writing a blog with Rose Colored Glasses in 2010, a self-help blog to encourage individuals in their journey towards mindfulness. Her writing style is based on turning big ideas into practical wisdom.

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  1. Kellie says: Reply

    Excellent advice. Read this when I really needed to. Thank you

  2. Amanda Lee says: Reply

    In high school, i tried so hard to get along with so called “COOL” group that it became a useless habit. I am now developing a conscious habit of not to suppress my opinion. I speak up when I need to. Thanks for posting yet another wonderful article. Love and Sunshine to Jasz Gill.

  3. Cassandra says: Reply

    What a wonderful post. I’ve been practicing this today during my meditation and find it to be very helpful, thanks so much for sharing. I wish letting go of certain people–mainly manipulative family members– were that easy.

  4. Lowiquq says: Reply

    I like your approach to this matter, people are growing their insensitivities like hell these days.

  5. Iyego zasajen says: Reply

    Good article.

  6. Oliana says: Reply

    I am in love with this article. It is encouraging. Thank you

  7. Robt Cornetta says: Reply

    Keep writing good stuff!

  8. Jamel says: Reply

    Impressive. You should elaborate more on this topic.

  9. Amos Gumbel says: Reply

    Nice Post. It may not be completely pleasant to accept and express emotions, but it is who we are as human beings.

  10. Source says: Reply

    Excellent. I feel the need to give you a suggestion. I hope take it in a positive way. You need to be more elaborative in explaining these issues.

  11. Aleida says: Reply

    Maybe you are just going through life, feeling bored and disconnected.YOu need to channel your energy in a good way. I just wanted to add my points.

  12. Wilson says: Reply

    Stick to the positive emotions first. If you feel it is all too much, then seek professional

  13. Herschel says: Reply

    I found this article is awesome. We are doing this on daily basis.

  14. Carrol says: Reply

    YOu are a good blogger but there is inconsistency, you should write 2-3 posts per week. Just saying. But again it depends on timing too.

  15. Sunny says: Reply

    Follow me back 🙂

  16. Dewitt says: Reply

    I see your style of writing is vry refreshing. Thumbs up

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    Great read

  18. Carlos Curll says: Reply

    Excellent Post

  19. NFL says: Reply

    Wonderful site you have here

  20. Teresa says: Reply

    I was just looking at your Why Suppressing Your Desires to ‘Fit-in’ is a Bad Idea! Here’s to your success for running such a wonderful article.

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