Be Tremendously Productive and Be Happy

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Dear Readers,

I am sure all of us want to be productive and make use of each day that life gives us. We all have so much potential and reserve of energy within us and we want to put it to use.  At the same time, we do not want to feel overwhelmed and unhappy as it happens to many productive people. What if I tell you that – Yes, it is possible to be tremendously Productive and Still Be Happy like a singing bird.

I am not a morning person myself, I am practicing to get up as early as I can, but still, I am not waking up at 4 AM everyday type of person. Although I can stay up late to finish my projects once I fall asleep, please do not bother me anymore. I am just like you, not super organized, not looking at my watch all the time. I do not have 100 reminders on my phone. Let me tell you one thing. I still hear from people “Oh my god, how can you do so many things in a day” I go to work full-time, I go to my evening school, I do household chores, I go to the gym, and I update my blog and blog Instagram page daily. Yes, it is all possible. Let me tell you five secrets behind it, and then you can master   productivity 101

 Get rid of your inner conflicts:

 Simple rule – Make peace with yourself. Let go of all the negative burden on your shoulder. Think about it if you have so much unnecessary weight on your shoulders, how can you climb the mountain? De-clutter your mind. Let me tell you a simple logic behind it, think your energy is the money you have, where would you spend this money – In past or Present? When your mind is somewhere else, you cannot be productive. If things from the past are still bothering you, forget and forgive them and, most importantly, forgive yourself. You are not a tree, so move on!!


Align Your Energy

Life’s mysteries can be solved with simplicity. You have an abundance of energy sitting and waiting to put it to a use. During a certain task, if your mind, body and spirit are aligned, your productivity of doing that task will shoot off the roof. Things that took hours and hours to be completed can be done within minutes. This happened to me when I do my school project, I keep checking the phone, and then I decided why not give one straight hour to my plan and put my phone on aside. Productivity Magic started happening and I was able to do my work in less time than I allotted it in first place. When our energy is aligned, we are in a state of flow. Therefore we’re able to achieve much more in less time and enjoy it.

It is Showtime

I know you have dreams and plans in every pocket of your life. I can tell you want to be someone. Then who is stopping you? Why are you delaying it? Lots of people have plans; they say one idea comes into seven people’s minds in this world at one time, and only 1 out of 7 pursue it. What happened to the rest of 6 people, nobody knows. Most people aren’t productive because they don’t take get up and take action. They have dreams and even plans, but they don’t chase them. Negative thoughts can derail action. It may be that you have doubts about your ability, or that you listen to others who doubt you or pulling you back. Whatever it is, overcome your mental obstacle today and start working towards your dreams because I want you to be that 1 person out of 7.

Playing the Mind-Body Edge

Playing Edge or pushing yourself means to motivate yourself to use your potential. Do you know; most of the times, tiredness is not a health issue but things such as boredom, stress, worries, anger, frustration or lack of motivation. All of us feel tired and distracted; it is healthy once in a while. Now, if tiredness is becoming an excuse for you not to carry your tasks, you will have to solve this problem.  Most people use only a fraction of their capacity, and rest goes down the drain.  Ask yourself this question, why do you want to be productive?

If you have a solid reason behind it, you will push yourself to Edge regularly to achieve. My math instructor used to say, “More energy you spend, more energy you will have” If you do not believe this, try working out for a week, you will feel more energetic and productive.

Do what you love. Love what you do!

Have you noticed that you do not need to push yourself much to do things that you love doing? Now imagine, if you can fill your day with something you love doing along with the things which are necessary to meet both ends. It could be anything from writing, reading, going to yoga class, getting homework done, or any of your daily work. Your productivity will be at it’s peak with the things you enjoy doing. I write blogs; trust me; I do not need to set any reminder for it. And if you cannot do what you love at this moment. How about loving what we do!

Let’s add a pinch of spice to make things more pleasurable. There is always a way to turn up a dull day through mindfulness! Be present in every moment of your life. Remember, there are 24 hours in a day; find 10 minutes for your dreams.

Life is short, and there are so many things to do and so many places to explore. Give yourself a friendly reminder about human mortality. High productivity is not about doing, and it is about being. If you want to be highly productive and live happily, you will need to use self-awareness and create a happy relationship with your mind.

Love and Sunshine.

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