21 Ways to Express Self Love that You Can Try Today

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 Ways to Express Self Love

Life is busy, we all know it. We need to remind ourselves few basic things that we tend to forget in the noise of our daily chaos. The foundation of our being is Self Love. Self Love is so important, yet it is so under-rated and suppressed by us. There is no clear definition of self-love in our mind; we associate Self Love to Selfishness which is not true. Self Love is about accepting you, loving yourself, taking care of yourself emotionally, mentally, physically and intellectually. Today, I will share some experiences and ideas which can help you to bring your attention towards your SELF. So if you are not having a good day and feeling low about yourself, give this list a try!

  1. Say this to yourself first thing in the morning “I love myself.”
  2. Clean and organize your room /apartment
  3. Buy yourself fresh flowers or a plant
  4. Make a list of fun activities do in next ten days
  5. Check out the local cafes. Just sip on your coffee and observe.
  6. Read a good book (remember books are our friends)
  7. Go to spa and let them pamper you like a princess or prince charming
  8. Make a list of things you are grateful for in your life. Remember waking up every day is our number one bliss.
  9. Connect with an old friend (just simply drop a hello to start a conversation). Old friends bring back good memories.
  10. Take two mins out of your day to meditate. In these two mins, let go of all the thoughts and feelings and let your energy flow like a river.
  11. Treat yourself. Buy something new for yourself. It does not have to be super expensive. It can be a scarf to go with your outfit, a new shade of lipstick or a new tie.
  12. Sweat. Almost everyone, I know agrees that they feel so much better about themselves after a work-out session (which can be any form, e.g., walk, running, Zumba, gym, yoga, etc.). The workout is a time to build a connection between your mind and body.
  13. Take care of your diet and sleep. Eat healthy food and get 8 hours of beauty sleep.
  14. Focus while eating. Enjoy every bite of your food without feeling guilty about it. Be present at the moment.
  15. Be a service. Helping others give us so much happiness and make us feel good about our contribution to society. Be a volunteer, it will help you to learn and meet new people.
  16. Have a hobby. Remember “An empty mind is devil’s workshop” Do not let yourself sit in the dark and think about your past mistakes, instead take an initiative and develop a hobby. If you do not have a required skill, then take a class. Websites like Groupon, social shoppers, have coupons and discounts for classes like makeup, nutrition, cooking, etc.
  17. Get a haircut.
  18. Smile. Smile. And Smile often.
  19. Try aromatherapy. Fragrant Oil helps to lift your mood. And if you are allergic to body oils; try scented candles.
  20. The art of compliment. Give and take compliments gracefully. Try to find beauty in everyone. Seek positive vibes, and you will find it.
  21. Keep a journal. Write your thoughts and feelings. If you do not want to carry a notebook or diary everywhere.; use your phone’s notepad. Writing a journal is like talking to yourself, it helps you to vent out and see hidden emotions which we try to neglect.

I hope these tips will work wonder for you. Last but not least, do not hesitate to experiment; make your own list of things which gives you happiness.

Love and Sunshine. Keep Feeling Buddhaful.



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