Do You Carry The Drive Of Self-Actualization?

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Albert Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Nelson Mandela, Beethoven and Mother Teresa are among few who are regarded as self-actualized individuals. Do you carry the drive of self-actualization within you? Self-actualization occurs when you maximize your potential in doing the best that you are capable of doing. The concept was first introduced by the Gestalt psychologist Kurt Goldstein in his 1939 book The Organism. This article is an effort to guide you in climbing on the top of Maslow’s Pyramid. Learn what it takes to be a self-actualized person and maximize your potential.

Are you what you always wanted to be?

Self-actualization requires an acknowledgment first. You need to realize that one has to go beyond the materialistic world and surface temper. Some people call it a ‘soul searching.’ Soul searching occurs when you sit with yourself in a deep conversation. Once you have established that there is a higher meaning to life beyond the material world, you can set out for your journey of self-actualization. It is simple, before using your potential you need to identify it first.

To find out your potential, ask yourself these three questions;

What were you doing when you felt one at the moment?

How would you spend your time if earning money was not an issue?

Where do you see yourself in five years from now?

After knowing yourself better, acceptance of yourself is the key to the treasure of self-actualization.  Isn’t it beautiful, knowing yourself beyond the satisfaction of needs?! Be emotionally self-governing by understanding your depths and shallow mind areas. Once you embrace yourself completely, your anxious desperation will evaporate, and your path will be clearly visible. Now you will need to develop the motivation to walk on it.

Motivation guides the process of maximizing one’s potential

Motivation works as a spark to ignite our soul, to make us shine brightly on the face of our existence. If you want to find the way to utilize your potential, you need to find a purpose of your life. A purpose is bigger than the daily needs yet part of your daily routine. Understand this, completing oneself is a task of the lifetime so be Patient.


Self-actualization is about not letting yourself drown into a silent monotony

Self-actualization is waking up every morning with a purpose. Making everyday count towards a meaningful life. All self-actualized people have a disciplined routine around their purpose. Discipline is a guardian of dedication. A word without action is a failure and knowledge without practice is a wastage. Make a routine that fulfills you, without making you robotic in nature. You need to dedicate your energy towards something you enjoy doing.

Now, you are aware of what you rather be doing than being a spectator while life is passing. No moment should be wasted no more. You have a purpose in your life; you have mountains to climb.  Lastly, self-actualization is about growing and helping others grow.

Here is your takeaway for this week

Accept yourself with all your strengths and weakness

Find out what makes you happy beyond the material possessions

Wake up with a purpose every day

Be patient with yourself

Grow and help others grow




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Jasz Gill is a contemporary writer and poet who writes about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and compassion. She started writing a blog with Rose Colored Glasses in 2010, a self-help blog to encourage individuals in their journey towards mindfulness. Her writing style is based on turning big ideas into practical wisdom.

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  1. Matt says: Reply


  2. Keith says: Reply

    How inspiring. I am such a hider. I want to show up and be social, but I find it hard in social settings. I can not get use to that kind of uncomfortable…yet. I will reread and remind myself, practice makes perfect. And you are right… No one will pick apart everything I say…They will just remember the general conversation.

  3. Milly says: Reply

    Real change is difficult at the beginning, but gorgeous at the end. Change begins the moment you get the courage and step outside your comfort zone; change begins at the end of your comfort zone

  4. Iwanttobefree says: Reply

    It was such a beautiful article. Loved it. Your thought flow was so creative that it made a poor reader like me, read it with interest 🙂
    Sometimes we don’t show up because we keep waiting to be perfect. And we just keep waiting.
    So this article can really make people like me get inspired and not wait for something to happen so that we show up.

  5. Spiritual Gangster says: Reply

    I like the little “brain sneak” you have incorporated here, basically making trying new things a lifestyle habit by doing little things to eventually arrive at the bigger picture. Bill Baren said that we are who we practice ourselves to be daily.

  6. Eva June says: Reply

    great article. I am trying to make the switch from a somewhat normal human being to a humanitarian/philanthropist kind of character

  7. Valentina says: Reply

    Thanks for this great post Jasz!

    I’m on a path to make some great changes in my life and making minor switches certainly makes it feel less scary. Changing one tiny thing every day is a lot easier (and less terrifying) than making a big change all at once.

  8. Karen says: Reply

    That was truly amazing!

  9. Laura J says: Reply

    wow thank you so much this is such a powerful post article thank you again you have inspired me to become a better person better self really truly amazing thats what i want to do and be in my life

  10. Nicki Lee says: Reply

    Amazing post. Your writing is as sharp, inspiring and brave.

  11. Jeffery says: Reply

    Very well said. Anytime we challenge the paradigm that is stuck in the subconscious mind we run right into what I call the Terror Barrier. We have to fuel the new vision of where we see ourselves going to get to the other side of this fear. Calling up that vision is something we should do daily.

  12. Little Happy Moment says: Reply

    Very motivating post. I think everyone who goes through life are faced with life changing choices at certain stages of their life. There is an option to remain idle and not make a change or to make a change for the better or sometimes for the worse.

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