Let’s not be so Clingy


Do not be so clingy! You must have heard this many times, but did you give it a try?! It is a mental act of holding on to things. When I say something or emotions, it includes both happy and sad ones. We look back into our lives and wish to bring back happy moments, and we are insanely desperate to erase our mistakes. However, we know it is impossible to go back in the past or fly forward into the future (until we discover the time machine, just joking). What we have is this present moment, this is the only ‘time’ we can live in. We cannot live in the past or future, so all our energy which is wasted in trying to live in these tenses is a complete wastage.

Stop seeking forever in all temporary things. Stop trying infinity in horizons of time. Bring our attention back to enjoying every moment. As they say, change is the only constant thing. If we let our minds accept all the changes and be ok with it, we will get rid of our significant traumas. The source of pain is our never-ending search for “Forever” There is no need of forever, forever is too dull, we should accept that things grow and it is a universal truth. It is ok to look different with age, and it is ok to let go of old wounds, it is ok to meet new people, it is ok to look different, it is ok to try new things, it is ok to experience something out of our comfort zone.

Change is a natural phenomenon that occurs to everybody and everything around us. Learn from the past and move on. Every day is like a blank canvas where we can paint our life with the colors of our choice. Let’s open up and let our thoughts flow like a river.

Remember, still water stinks and only moving water has freshness and life.

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