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  • More I Listen

    Hello to all the beautiful readers, who have open mind and whose thoughts run freely like wild horses. Let’s talk about what happen if you listen more! I have noticed that… More I listen..Quieter I get… More I know…Less I speak… Less I know…More I speak… More I Know..Less I Think…. Less I Think..More I […]

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  • Ask Yourself This Question Today

    Hello Beautiful Readers, How was your day today? Did you go to work or school today? What happened today that made you happy? Since you are reading this post, you qualify as a person who is in love with self and want to stay in touch with its soul. Relax and Be Happy that you survived another day with grace and […]

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  • Love Yourself ❤️

    Pretty Morning Everyone, How are we doing today? I hope your day was fulfilling and you were able to achieve your daily goals. After my last night’s meditation session there were some feelings which were refusing to leave my mind. These feelings often arise from guilt and later become our regret. Don’t you feel that […]