Sharing 27 Lessons of my life on my birthday

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The birthdays are Awesome! This year on my birthday, I have decided to write down 27 Beautiful lessons that I have learned in my life.

1. Life goes on, and it must go on. Loss of pet, break-ups, death of a loved one, it could be anything that put our life on an emotional pause. But as we emerged out of it, we do realize that it does not matter how hard we try to hold on, life keeps moving, and we will have to run with it, let’s do it cheerfully.

2. Accept the change. After moving from one place to another, changing schools and cities, making best friends forever and then saying good-byes, I have agreed with that change is ok. Change is a universal truth; in fact, change is a necessity of our life. If you want to grow in life and experience new things, you will have to move to new places and meet new people. Just go with a flow.

3.  You need time to stop, relax, and observe the beauty around you. Life is not a race; it is a journey that should be lived and enjoyed at your own pace.

4. Do not compare yourself to anyone. If you can do that, you will eliminate a lot of distractions from your head.  If you want to compare yourself with something, let it be you – what you were, what you have become, and what you can be.

5. In your late 20’s, outside beauty of people started losing meaning. I am excited to meet people who can hold a delightful conversation with me—only beautiful personality matters.

6. Lifestyle changes. I value home-cooked food, healthy versions of everything, and I am conscious about what I put inside my body. Health is real wealth.

7. During my weight loss journey, I have realized nothing else works except a clean diet and work-out. Everything else is just some smart people trying to make money by targeting our weak spots.

8. Life has become more about what I think of myself rather than what others think of me.

9. The way I spend my money has changed. I spend it on things I enjoy rather than showing off to people and fitting in.

10. I only remember good things about people and let go of negative. Forgive and Forget.

11. People who are friends in school or college. If you are lucky, 10% of them will still stay in your life. But it will require efforts from your end as well.

12. At one point in your life, you struggle with social and family expectations. Should I say that don’t worry?! Exactly!! do what you are passionate about, not what people tell you. You don’t want to regret 20 years later that Damn I should have gone there or I shouldn’t have done that.

13. Make most out of a day. I do at least one thing in 24 hours that will make my day. It could be talking to an old friend, watching a documentary, hiking a mountain, reading a book, or writing something. One day is all we have, my friend.

15. A college degree has nothing to do with your knowledge and experience and has nothing to do with how much money you will make.

16. Communication is like a thread in a pearl necklace. If you stayed quiet when you were supposed to speak or vice-versa, you could miss something. So it is crucial to communicate. And LISTEN.

17. Be kind. You must have come across Buddha’s line “life is suffering,”  so everyone is handling their share of sorrows and struggle. We sure can offer some kindness and smiles to them.

18. Laughter is a treasure. Those experiences and people who make you laugh are your real assets.

19. When making a decision, think from your mind. Do not borrow ideas. Do not let someone spoon-feed you.

20. Everyone says, “be yourself,” which confuses ourselves into “what is real ourselves self” Real self is pure. Stop judging yourself from other’s perspectives.

21. Travel makes you wiser so travel, travel often.

22. Laughing, crying, anger, feeling low..they all are part of our human life.

23. Do not make fun of someone based on their physical appearance. Bodies are mortal; the soul isn’t.

24. Laziness is a root of failure. We missed out on half of the things in our life because we refused to get out of the bed or our home.

25. The comfort zone is like a bubble you build around yourself, which restricts yourself from living life to the fullest. So pop it!

26. Love is all about trust and respect. Do not compromise on either of them.

27. Take care of yourself. Your body, your health, your intellect, your social and family life. Assume responsibility for yourself.

KEEP IT SIMPLE !!! Love and Sunshine.

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